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Denim Pocket

Ivilitex is a garment manufacturing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. The business manufactures jeanswear for the local and global clothing market. 

Ivilitex has a state-of-the-art factory that uses a combination of quality fabrics and high performance processes for a seamless finish. 

The factory boasts innovative and eco-efficient technology for the process.


Image by Jason Leung

Jeans Garment Production

Ivilitex produces mid- to large-scale jeanswear orders for various retailers in the market. The factory works closely with its customers in developing the ideal styles, colours and fit of the garments, tailoring the product to each client's needs.


Jeans Wash Facility

Ivilitex leverages innovative technology for its denim wash service offering.  The wash process makes for favourable Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) scores due to the reduced impact on the environment.

Denim Jeans


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