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Ivili Loboya is an award-winning sheep and goat fibre processing plant based in Butterworth, Eastern Cape. 

The manufacturing company was established to beneficiate wool in South Africa, a leading global exporter of high quality non-mulesed wool of varying wool grades.

The company leverages a network of commercial and emerging farmers across Southern Africa, for the sourcing of the best quality traceable fine, medium and coarse wools

This has been essential in providing an efficient service for both local and global clients of processed sheep and goat fibre. 


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Scouring Services

Ivili Loboya provides scouring services for animal fibres including wool, cashmere, alpaca for various clients including, but not limited to; farmers, brokers and textiles manufacturers.

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Scoured Wool

Ivili Loboya offers scoured wool sourced from a network of commercial and emerging farmers from across Southern Africa. Fine, medium and coarse scoured wool is available for purchasing.  


Wool Noils

Ivili Loboya offers noils and other usable byproducts of its production process.  

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Top Making

Ivili Loboya currently cards short-staple fibres for the woollen spinning process. The company will card and comb long-staple fibres for the worsted spinning process in the near future.  

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Wool Grease

Ivili Loboya offers wool grease or lanolin, a byproduct of the the scouring process. This grease is used further processing into cosmetics or industrial products.



Ivili Loboya has a knitting studio that produces garments and lifestyle products for the market. 

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+27 11 325 5186


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