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Ivili Loboya Wool

Ivili Loboya is an animal fibre processing plant that is the only one of its kind on the African continent. Ivili Loboya is a leading manufacturer of wool and cashmere products for the local and global textiles market. 

Ivilitex Jeans

Ivilitex is a garment manufacturing business that uses state of the art technology for the production and washing of garments. Ivilitex supplies leading South African retailers with high quality denim products. 



Ivili Group is a global diversified South African textiles group with offices in Sandton, Gauteng, as well as factories in Butterworth, Eastern Cape and Cape Town, Western Cape. The Group has companies across the textiles value chain including animal fibre products manufacturing and garment manufacturing.The Group is an industry pioneer that values innovation, sustainability and empowerment.  

We take immense pride in our commitment to growing the textiles footprint in Africa, where the textiles industry is one of the oldest economies. We combine age-old techniques and products with cutting edge technology and factory processes. Our commitment to quality extends not only to our textiles but to the relationships we cultivate, the services we provide, and the impact we make.

We embrace sustainable practices throughout the entire textile value chain. Every thread, every weave, and every process is meticulously designed with sustainability in mind. From utilizing eco-friendly raw materials to adopting water-conserving production techniques, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

We firmly believe that progress must be inclusive and should uplift all members of society. Our partnerships with local communities and our embedded culture of diversity and inclusivity, create meaningful impact in our society.

We are a Level 2 BEE company.  


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3 Moody Avenue

Epping Industria

Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 300 1694

To apply for a job with Ivilitex, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Ivili Loboya

Ibika Industries

Tainton Road


Tel: +27 11 325 5186 

To apply for a job with Ivili Loboya, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Contact Us

Please call us on: +27 11 325 5186 or fill out the following form

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